100% Natural Herbs Men Ginseng Energy Pills Tablet Healthcare Supplements

June 9, 2023
Latest company case about 100% Natural Herbs Men Ginseng Energy Pills Tablet Healthcare Supplements

The effect of Maca

1. Hypolipidemic effect: Maca tablet is rich in linoleic acid, which is helpful to reduce the content of cholesterol in the body, thereby lowering blood lipids.

2. Efficacy of improving sleep quality: Maca tablet is rich in nutrients such as iron, protein, and amino acids, which can effectively relieve fatigue and improve sleep quality.

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Parameter information
1. Enhance energy, mood and memory
2. Balance mind, mood body & reproductive health
3. Enhance performance and Immune support
Main ingredients
Maca root powder, Tribulus extract, Ginseng extract
Support cutsomized formula
Shelf Life
24 months
Private Label
Delivery Time
25-30 working days after deposit and design.
Please store in a cool & dry place.
If you are not satisfied with the price of our products, we can make a product that meets your price requirements by adjusting the content of it.
Factory information
The factory is e quipped with the most modern machines and has a capacity of 10,000,000,000tubes/ years .Factory and products with quality assurance certified by GMP,HACCP,QS,ISO.

Our effervescent tablet products are divided into two part, one is nutrients supplement effervescent tablet, another is female care disinfecting effervescent tablet. Nutrients products include various vitamin and mineral effervescent tablet, different scientific formulation with our own patent protected.

We accept your private label contract, offered necessary documents and certificates assist you to establish business. We also accept to develop new product according your special requirement or formulation, sign confidentiality agreement to protect your property