OEM Men Herbal Supplements Energy Booster HACCP Certificated

June 9, 2023
Latest company news about OEM Men Herbal Supplements Energy Booster HACCP Certificated
Product Description
1 time a day, 1 capsule each time
Detailed questions please contact customer service online.
Storage Method
Keep in a dry or cool place in normal temperature
Main Ingredient
Ginseng and other herbs, please check with sales for more details.
OEM & ODM & Private Label
OEM custom
Customized formula
Packaging design
Worry-free after-sales



Advantages and strength of our company?
1. Our company cooperates with Thailand Agricultural University and has a professional team for formula research and product development.
2. Our foreign trading team has been established over six years, with rich experience and an intimate knowledge of market requirement.
3. To meet the needs of different customers and market, our products and formulas not only diversified, but also improved and developed continually.
4. We have 3 companies on Alibaba, and have a good reputation.
5. With sufficient funds and raw materials, there is no need to worry about out of stock.
6. We have factories with fixed cooperation, delivery time is guaranteed.
7.There is an international logistics company with long-term cooperation, shipment is guaranteed..



Advantages of products?
Our formula is mature, with high quality and good feedback.
Customized formula is available. We can adjust the formula according to the different needs of customers or market.
We can provide customized formula, packaging, mould and other services.
We can provide the design and private packaging and advertising.